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Apprehensive about 2 Men And A Truck Moving Company?

Leery about allowing Two Men And A Truck Moving Company haul your stuff along the road to your new home? Shifting houses is by no means an easy task. Add to that handing over all your belongings to some cap wearing strangers who drive trucks - Stress unlimited! Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit, but the fact still remains that choosing the right moving company is almost as critical to the move as choosing the right place to move to. And making the wrong choice can no doubt prove disastrous.

But whom else?

Whoever you entrust with your stuff, should be delicate enough with your things, responsible, and be competitive in its price scheme.

Regardless of whom you pick to move your valuables, make sure that the moving company is fully licensed, bonded, and insured. At the very least, should anything happen to your property while in transit, you'd know the moving company can back up its moving services and be responsible to you.

Moving companies want to cater to their market, there are relative different types of moves - especially the corporate move where the moving company can handle all phases of the move from packing, loading, transportation, and even unpacking at the other end.


Not all movers are created equal, some are more catered to a local move, others across the country, and some other ones won't bother unless the moving job is of specific size.

Two Men And A Truck Moving Company - A Possible Mover

2 Men And A Truck has been around since the mid 80s. The Company's approach to moving is defined by a proprietary method called THE GRANDMA RULE(R) which encourages TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's drivers and movers to treat each customer as they would their own grandmother. The "rule" is a key element of the Company's mission to exceed customers' expectations. Because of its large customer referral initiatives, Two Men And A Truck moving company has grown to be the fifth-largest relocation company in the country. Its corporate culture has allowed it to developed and enhanced its moving infrastructure to meet the challenges its faces in the field and remain an industry player.

In addition to residential moving services, they also offer commercial services, at a reasonable price.

To better facilitate their operations, they have instituted their own training services, Stick Men University®, which teaches their prospective employees the 'right way' to handle that delicate merchandise. It also has a driving course, loading, packing, and equipment operation .

However, none of these means anything if you as a customer are not satisfied .

Two Men And Truck Moving Company works as a conglomerate of local franchise owners.

Two Men And A Truck is the largest franchised moving company in North America . It includes more than 200 locations and more than 1,300 trucks on the road. Each location is independently owned and operated, and sells boxes and packing supplies. Locations complete both home and business moves as well as packing and unpacking services. So it is essential that you look at this company as a local relocation service company and not like a huge conglomerate moving company with a single management point. You could discover that after all that Movers Who Cares in not quite accurate, but rather Movers Who Care Less. Do a Google search on: "Two Men And A Truck Moving Company Customer Reviews". Keep these reviews in perspective since a dissatisfied customer would be more prone to voice his opinions much strongly than a happy customer.

Ask you local Two Men And A Truck representative for some customers' testimonials, references, phone numbers, etc. A local franchise should not be scare of you asking these questions. Another question to ask is the difference in costs if you were to move on midweek as opposed to weekend moves.

They would offer a moving estimate on the phone upon the information you provide them when you call - make sure it's as accurate as possible, so that this initial estimate doesn't skew too much afterward. Later on, they should provide you a written more accurate quotation, perhaps a written hints page, a check off list as well.

Make sure that the moving company insurance is plenty to replace any damaged goods, in case of more valuable items, consider taking up more insurance in case the worst happen.

2 Men And A Track Moving Company Supplemental Option

To gauge if you are getting the best deal with 2 Men And A Truck in your local area, you could request a free no-hassle moving estimate from other moving companies in your area. Compare their services, prices, and decide if this is the best course of action for your move.

Doing your homework is key to having a stress-free move. Learn as much as you can about the moving company, be prepared for worst case scenarios, and take enough insurance to protect the value of your property.

2 Men And A Truck could be a viable option, you just need to be aware of the local rep's history.

For more reviews about 2 men and a truck moving company follow this link. Get the best value for your money when you have several top moving quotes to choose from. Save money and time by comparing services with 2 Men And A Truck.


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